is a a long-term national vegetation and soil monitoring programme that is currently being developed in Iceland. It is managed by the Soil Conservation Service of Iceland (SCSI) and based on an agreement between the SCSI, Ministry of Industries and Innovation, the Farmers Association of Iceland and the Icelandic National Associations of Sheep Farmers.

The monitoring will focus on variables linked to ecosystem functions and structure to assess the conditions of the vegetation and soil resources and any changes over time.  The programme will be based on an adaptive monitoring approach, span several spatial scales and focus on both land-use and vegetation and soil. Satellite images will provide large-scale data, while drones and on-site ecosystem analyses, by land users and specialists, will be used for obtaining higher resolution data. In addition, the project aims at developing indicators of sustainable land-use, using experiments, available information and results from the monitoring programme.

The overall goal is to use these ecological data to promote, in collaboration with stakeholders, sustainable land management in Icelandic rangelands.


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